The ban on hemp and DEA's exclusion from environmental impact studies. How does this effect wildlife? No one knows, not even the Beloved CZAR.


And to the "professional" nuke heads ,

"Thank you very much we're irradiated."

No more nuke plants in the World ! Don't let it happen again !!!

Because of the recent energy crisis there is talk of renuking the US.

Forget that!

Let us not enter the nuclear



Chernoble is now closed but not forgotten!

I have interests in environment and science. I am concerned about the proliferation of atomic plants in China ( and now possibly the US) and US policy to supply them. I am also concerned about the DEA's exclusion from the environmental impact study on the prohibition of the Hemp plant. What are the impacts? Nobody knows.

All I want you to do is read THE URANTIA BOOK


Dr. BRONNER, The famous castile soap maker used to have a blurb on his label saying that one could insert 2 tbsp of lemon pulp to prevent conception... then the FDA said that it was illegal and he had to remove it. What a travesty. If this was widely known there would be no abortion controversy. I am not a doctor......

The other GREAT medical secret of the LAST millenium was that you suffered terribly or needed thousands of dollars to remove KIDNEY stones. I remember seeing in a natural health book that lemon juice also destroys kidney stones. Then I had a friend who was in the hospital. The Doctors told him he had to suffer till the stone came out! Imagine the pain!! I told him to try drinking strong lemonade to dissolve his and it worked! This is a NATURAL solution with no pain.

We have a right to know and be free from drug company oppression!!!!

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